Detect package to show or not a function


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Feb 8, 2002
Hello, I need to detect the package for a domain when user access to cpanel, because I want to offer the addon domains only to the best plan that I offer.

How can I do this?

If the package is 450 Mb they will see this option and if the package is not 450 they will not see this option.

I have tried to access to a .dat out the server to read this information but I can´t, p.ejem:

$domain = &&cpanel print=\&DOMAIN\&&&;
require &http://www.mydomain/cpanel/$domain.dat&;
if $plan=&Enterprise& {} else {} ....

I need to read this archive ( from my web site because my plans are in various servers and I think this is the best option.

So I will can add other information to this .dat like the name, company, plan, etc...

Help! I think this would be great to all.