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Aug 4, 2021
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Hello everyone,

My server also have a few developers working on as staging server, but occassionally, they are not able to access the site or super slow Wordpress backend.

I have been added their IPs to csf.allow and csf.allow, but the issue still persists.

Any pointer where I can fully whitelist a few IPs? I also have this issue on one of the wordpress website that I access a lot on, the backend is super slow on my home IP.

Thanks everyone!

Handssler Lopez

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Apr 30, 2019
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It is possible that it is not blocking the ip of access to the server, it is possible that the error is a limit of resources used in the account, it is possible that the installation itself presents a plugin that is blocking or consuming many resources that limits or hinders its access and administration, it can even be something as simple as the version of php used or the max_limit_memory.

If it is an IP block, you should check the apache configuration and increase the limit of connections / requests per IP, it is possible that you are presenting 503 errors and not blocks themselves.

you need to provide more information such as:

- if you use LVE
- if you have root access to the server or you only bought space on said server
- and the error that shows you IP blocking if it is by CSF or if they are using an additional plugin

with more data and information it is possible to help you more accurately


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Nov 9, 2001
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If they are getting blocked, you'd want to add them to csf.ignore, so they don't get blocked. You may have done that already, as you put csf.allow twice. Can you see the csf logs to see why they are gettig blocked?
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