Did I delete my homepage in cPanel?


Sep 29, 2017
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So today I startet working on a new homepage by importing files from my previous homepage using Wordpress. HOWEVER some hours after I started, my homepage suddenly went blank. It now says that the page does not excist (- Removed -) and when I try to login to Wordpress it also says that my user does not excist even though I have acces to the edit area for my other homepage and can see that I still excist - I can even take a backup of my second homepage, but still it says that my user no longer excists and when I try to create a new user with the same homepage then it says that there is already an account...

I have no idea how this started but I think I might have deleted something I should earlier in cPanel. I had chosen a template that I wanted to remove so I found a tutorial online that showed me how to do this by deleting some html-files. I did that hours before my homepage went down so is it possible that I did something wrong? The trash only contains one file called error_log that I can not restore. I have tried addind a template again but my page is still blank which makes me believe that Wordpress is not the problem. My previous homepage is also just a 404-page now (- Removed -)

I have been searching online for hours trying to find out what went wrong and contacted both Wordpress forum and my host but no one have answered. So basically I just need to know if deleting some few files can make my whole page go blank and if there is a way to restore it. I can see that all my Wordpress-files are still intact in the file management so I guess it is just the public connection thing that is the issue.
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Jul 18, 2013
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Without knowing what you deleted, I would suggest that you restore your most recent file and database backup (you know, the one you took just before you started your editing session o_O )...............

If you have no backup yourself, you may need to plead with your web hosting company to see if they have a recent backup they can restore for you (most reputable companies should be able to help you).

If everything else fails, I would guess that you had deleted some file that was impacting the functioning of your Wordpress. The danger here is that a consequence may be that you now have a corrupt database that can only be recovered by restoring a database backup.

Ultimately, you may have no alternative other than to install a new Wordpress into a subfolder (with a new clean database) - then page by page copy whatever content you still have access to over to the new installation. This will be time consuming, and you may lose many comments and user posts and content in the process.

If you don't feel confident doing any of this, perhaps you should think about hiring a freelance Wordpress expert to help you.


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Apr 11, 2011

You may also want to try accessing the website with "index.php" file appended to the end of the URL to see if the WordPress installation is still setup successfully. EX:

Thank you.