Differences in ownership of public_html on two servers


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Nov 1, 2003
Northern Ontario, Canada
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I have two servers, both running CENTOS 6.10 cPanel v80.0.18. While looking for something else, I just noticed that on one server, all /*/public_html directories are owned by user:nobody while on the other server, they are all owned by user:user. Permissions are 750 on both servers, both seem to be serving sites fine. Until recently, both servers were running apache/php-fpm. I recently switched one to LiteSpeed.

The server with user:nobody ownerships has been provisioned longer. It is also the one running LiteSpeed.

Any idea why these servers would be different in this regard? I'm used to user:nobody being correct. It surprised me to see the other server set to user:user on public_html dirs.