Different Features Different Themes


Dec 21, 2011
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Hi it's my first post, I'm a long time user of Plesk for personal sites, but I've ventured into hosting for a few people, and am new to cPanel.

At the moment I'm trying to present a completely stripped down feature version, for example no e-mail - for a complimentary package. I notice that in my control panels (X3 is the skin) that the e-mail section and 'e-mail delivery route' is still retained. You can't disable it in the feature list (in WHM). However on investigation, if you change the skin it disappears but then other features like video tutorials disappear etc.

Ideally, I want all e-mail options not to be available. I'm not understanding the relationship between the skins and the feature list.

if anyone can point me in the right direction :)