different inbound and outbound IP address problem


Jun 22, 2007

My server is located behind a firewall and the server IP and inbound IP is xxx.xxx.xxx.123 while outbound IP is xxx.xxx.xxx.456

We first have the problem with the license but then was solved by the license provider. They said it was because I'm in a NAT environment :(

Now when I setup a new account on WHM, I am only able to view the default whm cgi page using the domain. They say that I will need to have both inbound & outbound IP same in order to have it work. But if I put the server directly online with no firewall protection, its going to be too risky. Even now I am already getting notice of funny IPs trying to access my whm. eg: Large Number of Failed Login Attempts from IP

I believe there are people who uses same setup like me here. hope you can advice me on how to work around this. Thanks!