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Jun 18, 2004

I currently have /dev/hda2 running at 89% full and want to purge unrequired files.

Having issued the following command du -sh * I receive the following output:-

16K aquota.user
122M bin
80K doc
12K etc
24K games
71M include
104K kerberos
735M lib
7.4M libexec
1.6G local
16K lost+found
560K man
28K quota.user
25M sbin
735M share
284M src
4.0K tmp
0 usr
27M X11R6
local and share seem to be taking up the greatest space local contains :-

635M apache
108K bandmin
13M bin
744M cpanel
756K cpanel-rollback
16K etc
32M frontpage
8.0K games
7.6M imap-2004g
1.9M include
92M lib
1.4M libexec
36K man
268K rkhunter
8.0K sbin
104K share
612K src
0 ssl
9.3M tt2
24M Zend
In apache the main bulk of the files are the logs are these safely removable or are they used to create the logs for the accounts.

Also what other files could I look at safely deleting in this partition to free up some space.

Thank you for any help



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Jan 22, 2005
nettigritty said:
/usr/local/apache/logs has apache's logs
/usr/local/apache/domlogs has apache logs for user domains
So, would it be OK to trim down some of Apache's logs without affecting user domain stats?

I notice, for me, that /usr/local/apache/logs contains some moderately large files - error_log is ~130MB and suexec_log is ~200MB.

On a related matter, does anyone know if the contents (some or all) of /var/cache/yum/base/headers and /var/cache/yum/base/packages can be safely removed?


May 30, 2006
You can safely remove the yum cache stuff with yum clean all. Note that if you remove the header information yum will need to download it again the next time it does an update. I would recommend just cleaning out the left over packages by running the following.

yum clean packages

The packages should take up much more space than the headers and they are pretty much just taking up space after the package has been installed and aren't needed anymore.