Direct login to SquirrelMail mail, with out useing webmail port,


Jun 20, 2005
hello, i need a html code, or php code,
that i type the login and the password of my email,
and open the SquirrelMail direct,
with out passa on

if i login useing this link i have to type 2 times the login/pass one on cpanel. and the secont on SquirrelMail, so i need one direct, when i type the login/pass i go to the inbox of the SquirrelMail


OPS: i did alot of searchs i dont find nothings :<


Oct 16, 2004
Agree...It is quite troublesome...

In my case...we need the SSL login first..then come to the page to select "Horde" Neomail" or "SquirrelMail".

After select the "Horde"...arrived to a page to select "Language"..then arrive INbox page....

I hope there are room for Cpanel to improve such lengthly process to read web mail. :eek:


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Dec 7, 2004
there are 2 ways if you want to use squirrelmail with port 80.

1) google for cpanelproxy. This script allows you to redirect webmail, cpanel and whm ports to port 80

2) install squirrelmail manually. You can download squirrelmail and install it into cpanel. Then customize the config and then you can use port 80 for squirrelmail.

I have tried method 1 but not method 2 as it will take some tinkering for it to work with cpanel. Method 1 is much easier to install and works. But if you don't mind using neomail, you can try the neomail script written someone that uses php to access neomail and tunnel it to port 80. I prefer this method and am using it now. I forgot the link to this site but you can search the forum as someone posted this few days ago.