direct login to squirrelmail/neomail etc


Dec 19, 2003
I have searched and searched this forum but maybe I missed it. I have seen countless other people asking the same question without an answer. So here goes the question.

We are running a small business and have 6 emails addresses. I was wanting to move away from using outlook or thunderbird and set it up to allow each employee here to goto the website and login into their email account using squirrelmail or any other webmail that comes with cpanel. I need to do this without the software asking for multiple username & password. I found a script on this forum that allows email address & password to access WEBMAIL which is pointless since it doesn't allow access to the inbox.

Short version

1: Direct Login with Email username & password to the Email Account inbox via a Webpage


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Jan 25, 2003
New York
Well it's not pretty but I think you want something like this:

Where "" is replaced by your domain. Its not something you want to make people manually enter, but I am sure we could get this done as some kind of redirect or alias or something. Customers HATE the normal login to webmail and would love it if they could have something like or whatever.

Heck, with all the magic the guys at Cpanel can do I am amazed this hasnt been taken care of years ago.
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Sep 13, 2003
Agreed - a direct login to the customer's preferred webmail program would be great.

There is a wishlist item in cpanel's bugzilla -- add your vote :)