Directadmin to Cpanel Transfer - no account shows

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Cloudlinux - 4.18.0-372.9.1.lve.el7h.x86_64
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Mar 23, 2014
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Hi , recently we have a new client who owns 41 Directadmin accounts .
1 - we backup all of 41 accounts and Restore them on a Directadmin Server to have Root Access to those 41 accounts in Directadmin .
2- we use Transfer Tool and give root access to it , so we We expected to see all Directadmin accounts on Cpanel - WHM transfer tool .
3- but we didn't see those 41 accounts in WHMs Transfer tool .
we try many commands in Directadmin to Update List of users and there is no Problem in Directadmin .

4- we tested this issue on 3 Cpanel servers Updated to Latest Version and Directadmin same .
5- we change directadmin server in different DC location and different Versions , but not works .

so we think there is a bug into Transfer tool that didn't show all DA users on Transfer tool , there is no log available , so we need a way to figure it out what happened and what is the problem .

any one get into this problem ever ?
we need some assistant to fix this issue ,

Thanks - Hossein .
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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! The cPanel Transfer Tool fully supports DirectAdmin so I would expect this to work well. Can you try the following on the DirectAdmin server to see if this let's you back up one account?

cd /scripts
chmod +x pkgacct-da
/scripts/pkgacct-da username
Just replace "username" with the specific username that you are trying to back up. If something fails, hopefully this will give you more details about the backup failure, which could point us to the reason that Transfer Tool is not showing the accounts.