Directory password protection removal problems


Mar 21, 2010
Hi there,

I've used cpanel before and this is the first time i've had this situation.

New domain -- when I am logged out of cpanel (or a random person viewing the website) , a pop up appears asking me to log in. UN/PW for "cpanel"

Typing in my Cpanel info works, (and when I am logged in to cpanel it automatically works, so I was unaware of the issue for a while)

I never PW protected anything. I went in to "password protecct directories" , and was given an error saying FrontPage was blocking access to this app, and to edit directory passwords through there. I also never installed FP -- but found the app was on the directory. I removed the app "Frontpage" and went back to "password protect directories" under security in CPANEL and checked every single directory, and found no passwords.

What is going on :/ :confused: