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Apr 11, 2011
Hello @nitaish,

Disabling the AutoSSL feature for the account will not automatically delete existing SSL certificates. You will need to manually delete the existing SSL certificates via "WHM >> Manage SSL Hosts" if you'd like to disable SSL for your domain names. Additionally, to ensure new domain names are not assigned self-signed SSL certificates, you will need to enable the following option under the "Security" tab in "WHM >> Tweak Settings":

Generate a self signed SSL certificate if a CA signed certificate is not available when setting up new domains.

Per it's description:

When you create a new domain, cPanel will apply the best available certificate (CA signed); otherwise cPanel will apply a self-signed SSL certificate and request a new certificate via AutoSSL if it is enabled. Warning: If you disable this option, and a CA signed certificate is not available, when a user attempts to visit the newly created domain over https, the user will see the first SSL certificate installed on that IP address. Warning: If you enable this option and do not have a CA signed certificate or AutoSSL enabled, Google search results may point to the SSL version of the site with a self-signed certificate, which will generate warnings in the users’ browser. To avoid both of these concerns, we strongly recommend that you enable AutoSSL.

Thank you.