Disable Compress and Extract in File Manager


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Sep 26, 2016
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How can I disable the "extract" and "compress" options in File Manager?

Some users are not-intentionally abusing these features, such as compressing the mail folder with 80 Gb inside and sometimes running multiple instances together, which are overprocessing my server and becoming irresponsible for all accounts.

I want to let the user view, download, upload, create folders, etc, but not compress / unzip anything.

Thank you.


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Nov 14, 2017
There's no native way to modify the options available within the file manager, you can disable the file manager feature but that's the limit.

I'd recommend opening a feature request [cPanel & WHM Feature Requests] for the ability to manage file manager features.

Please use the following format when creating the request to ensure your idea gets as much visibility as possible and translates into actionable work:


As a {cPanel User, System Administrator, web-hosting provider, or any other user perspective}, I would like {the feature that is being requested} so that {benefit that the request adds to the product}.


Feel free to respond here with a link to the feature request upon approval.

Thank you.
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