Disable cpanel login for webmail?


Aug 10, 2012
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Trying to set up a "remember me" cookie for webmail users. I found a plugin called persistent_login for Roundcube, but I can't access roundcube login direct and bypass the cpanel login.

I tried disabling 'cpanellogin' and 'cpanellogout' in roundcube config file. When I did this after I logged in on the Cpanel webmail page it showed me the roundcube login with the plugin working. However, this requires a double login.

I tried disabling security tokens in WHM, that didn't work and appeared to break some other things.

I was thinking about modifying the cpanel webmail login page with my own PHP to write/read a cookie, but then I read that it would be overwritten on an update.

Maybe I'll tell them about this new webmail called Thunderbird that you download to your computer... :)