Disable e-mails from Cpanel - how??


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Jul 23, 2004
Recently (like a few months ago) the layout of emails sent by WHM must have changed in such a way that the messages are no longer sent in the body but rather as an attachment. I am still using Outlook Express and due to a bug in that email client emails containing an attachment but no body can not be received (OE will abort with an error message).

This is quite annoying since I need to log in to webmail, delete all Cpanel emails and then I can receive my emails via Outlook Express. I need to do this extra step every single time I want to receive my emails because otherwise OE will hang up when it receives or tries to receive a Cpanel email.

I tried setting up a filter to automatically discard all emails from the relevant addresses. However, these filters are not being applied and the Cpanel emails are still being delivered.

Is there any way to either filter those emails so that they will not be received or disable Cpanel from sending them in the first place?

Thank you.