Disable EasyApache4 and use Cloudlinux PHP Selector?


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Jan 31, 2018
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1. Why can't I use the "Server Configurations > LVE manager > PHP Selector" if I set "Software > MultiPHP Manager > System PHP Version" to alt-php**? I can only use the PHP Selector if I set the System PHP Version to use ea-php**. It says, "system default PHP version is alt-php. PHP Selector is disabled. Use cPanel MultiPHP manager instead."

2. I have already disabled MultiPHP INI and MultiPHP Manager from "Packages > Feature Manager" and the only way my users can change their PHP version is through the "PHP Selector". However, any changes made here is not updated on the "Server Information" page in cPanel. I read somewhere in the forum that the information is cached. This can lead to a confusion especially for a newbie like me. At first, I thought my PHP Selector was not working when I switched from alt-php70 or alt-php71 (vice versa) but the PHP version in Server Information is still showing the wrong PHP version information so I went on reinstalling cagefs, php selector, and all the troubles just to find out the PHP Selector was actually working just fine only the information was incorrect unless I manually check using command line php -v for example. I seriously need to find way to hide this via css and editing the latern theme to avoid my users to think that the PHP Selector is not working while cPanel showing the wrong information.

3. Is there a way to completely disable EasyApache4 and use CL's PHP Selector? I did a research I only see people are looking to do the other way around. I like PHP Selector more than MultiPHP due to the fact that users can choose their PHP extension. For now, I only install ea-php72, I must leave at least a version of PHP on EA4 in order for the PHP Selector to work otherwise my PHP version will end up as "Unknown" in the "Server Information, why is that so?

4. Why is "Gathering PHP-FPM packages information …" won't stop loading? If I use alt-php72 with lsapi can I completely disable php-fpm and should I disable suphp/cgi or just leave them?

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Apr 11, 2011

Could you open a separate thread for each individual issue? This will help us to better assist you. As far as the PHP Selector integration, CloudLinux documents how PHP Selector integrates with MultiPHP at:

PHP Selector > Control Panel Integration > cPanel

Could you review this document and let us know if this helps to better explain how it works?

Thank you.