Disable Email ports for domains with no email access


Nov 10, 2010
I would like to block all email ports from responding on domains that have email disabled. For instance, if I set the default email handler to "remote", I don't want any response on connections to ports 25,26,465,587,993, etc. on that domain or any domain in that account. How can I do that? Right now, if you try to Telnet to any mail port on a cPanel domain, it responds with the Exim version. That should NOT happen for security reasons.


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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! What you're seeing is just how the daemons and ports work on a Linux server. The Exim service listens for incoming connections on any IP address configured on the server, and has no concept of domains or cPanel accounts. So whether you try your telnet test with a domain or an IP address, Exim is going to intercept that and respond. There isn't a per-domain setting for this type of activity as that all happens at a lower-level in the operating system itself, as only Apache has a concept of domains.