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Aug 10, 2002
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Is there a way to disable the Feature Showcase popup on every new WHM login from the command line?

For example, to disable cPanelID. How can I do that from the command line so that it's disabled and not bugged with the Feature Showcase every time I have to log into the WHM?

(I've used the whmapi1 disable_authentication_provider function to disable it, but I still get the Feature showcase every time I log into the cPanel).

It may come as a shock to many cPanel developers, but I really do most of my server management from the command line. It's much easier that way when you have a lot of servers to manage. I update cPanel by running upcp from the command line and it would be nice to be able to get all of the servers I manage to have the same or similar features enabled (i.e. some have Mailman enabled, most do not).

So it would be helpful if I could enable/disable features that are in the Feature Showcase after running upcp on all servers, so that they all can be alike, without having to log into each server's WHM to click the desired options.


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Apr 11, 2011

You can disable the feature showcase through the use of a touch file:

touch /var/cpanel/activate/features/disable_feature_showcase
However, you may want to leave it enabled on at-least one server if you prefer to know which features we showcase on a new version. Also, as far as working with multiple cPanel servers, you may find the following document helpful:

Back Up, Restore, or Transfer Configurations - Version 58 Documentation - cPanel Documentation

Thank you.