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Oct 30, 2019
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Guys, I'm thinking about disabling FTP (Pure-FTPD) because I don't even use it, got only several accounts on my WHM and I'm the only one connecting.

Question is I'm not sure will it impact my Wordpress website and several other Laravel based CMS for their system/plugin updates, what do you think?


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Jun 23, 2020
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It should not impact Wordpress unless you use explicit FTP credentials in wp-config.php or use a back-up plugin that is configured by FTP.
We are able to update our Wordpress CMS with the automatic background updates (Core, Plugin, Theme, Translations) on default cPanel FTP setup (Disabled)
Same for deployment with Management services like ManageWP

Keep in mind that Wordpress will fallback to FTP under certain conditions:
When it cannot write the connection test file to /wp-content
When the ownership does not match the known UID
When folder permissions are to low

If any of those checks failed Wordpress will try FTP which it simply fails.
If correctly configured you should receive a alert on the designated mail address for administration purpose.

I can how ever not comment on other CMS dependencies.
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Oct 19, 2014
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Thanks for the great reply @ITHKBO - many cPanel users disable FTP at the server level, but as was mentioned earlier, I'm not able to comment on all the different CMS software out there to say for sure if they would be impacted.

You can always reinstall the software through WHM if you notice issues after it has been disabled.
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