disable Spamassassin always adding headers, even to NON-SPAM?


Jan 15, 2022
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I am just a regular Joe, not a system administrator. So please be gentle with me.

My web host recently upgraded my virtual private server. Suddenly Spamassassin is adding a long distracting header to every single email, even those that fall BELOW the spam threshold! What gives? Who thought this was a good idea? How do I turn this off?

I looked around online and the only thing I found was to add the line "always_add_headers 0" to the configuration file. But apparently that method is obsolete.

So, for Spamassassin 3.4, how do I make it NOT add these spammy headers to messages that are NOT SPAM? I only want headers to be added to messages that go above the threshold, as God intended.

Thank you