Disable website, only host emails / multiple email domains


Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Guys,

I have a user who doesn't want web hosting but just email hosting. How would I go about doing that? Is it possible or do I have to set up an account and have a default no website here web page as the index.html in the public_html folder?

Also I have a user with multiple domains and one web site. They all point to to the website but with their old host BlueHost they had all pointing domains parked and two independant email address from two domains listed in their main domain. I'm unsure how to park a website so I have created accounts for said domain URLS and just redirected them to the main website. Im unsure how they had two different domains emails in on place though. E.g. [email protected] and [email protected] were both in [email protected] mail folder on their old server.

Any help would be great!



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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

1. You could select the X3Mail theme with the package assigned to the account so it only has access to email functionality within the cPanel interface. Note that FTP access would still be possible using the cPanel username/password.

2. You can park a domain name using the "Parked Domains" option from within cPanel, and then create email accounts for that domain name through cPanel. Additional mail folders are visible if you login to webmail with the cPanel account username.

Thank you.