Disabling AutoSSL for All Accounts


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Jan 6, 2006
Mulund, India,
Recently cPanel has enabled AutoSSL feature and has forced it on all the cPanel installations. While it has been very bad of cPanel to force AutoSSL on all the servers, disabling it is a real pain. We have disabled it in all our servers, but still some websites get redirect to https and shows certificate error. The funny thing is that it warns about expired certificate of other domains. We have to manually delete the ssl hosts of the accounts which have expired SSL certificates. Imagine how difficult it is to delete ssl hosts manually in servers with around 1000 accounts. There is not even a script available which will delete the ssl hosts at one go and thus save us more pain.


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello @nitaish,

You can find some additional discussion on the automatic installation of SSL certificates for all domain names, including details about why it was implemented, on the following thread:

Problem with automatically generated self-signed SSL certificates

As far as preventing this from happening going forward, this is answered on your earlier thread (in-case other users have the same concern):

Disable AutoSSL

I also encourage you to open a feature request if you'd like to see an option to uninstall all SSL certificates of a particular type through WHM:

Submit A Feature Request

Thank you.