Disabling changing mailbox size by clients


Aug 12, 2011
I'm puzzled why cPanel won't allow you to disable the modify mailbox quota feature for your clients. In Plesk that is simply done with a few mouseclicks. We are more an more confronted with the problem that clients are not deleting their mailboxes anymore because they only check their mail with mobile devices, and leave the mail on the server. On top of that, for many clients the "delete mail from server" option in Outlook/Outlook Express/Live Mail option seems to be something to ignore. At the same time, the amount of mail for some of our users is exploding, because of their continious use of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and wanting to receive an email notification of anything happening there. We have a fair use policy, but a few months ago, we had to remove several gigabytes of old mail from our VPS, simply because our clients were not doing so.

This is an issue of genuine concern, and I really do hope cPanel will give the tools to address this problem, by simply providing a user friendly feature that the root administrator can set the limit to mailboxes, without the option that hosting clients can secretly change that limit again.