Disabling email forwarding in webmail for security reasons


Jul 24, 2008
Hello we have noticed that when a customer clicks on a malware email, one type of malware installs in their computers and then send email/pass credentials to hacker, then at any given time hacker will send out spam with the credentials

We have noticed that when they steal email/pass they also log into webmail and do 2 things:

1) they create email forwarders to spy on incoming email (sent out to a weird gmail address)

2) they create filters inside webmail to accomplish this same spying.

We have to continually enter WHM and check for this type of vulberabilities in users accounts.

My question is: Can email forwarding and email filtering be disabled from webmail? call it roundcube or horde. but NOT in cpanel?

We disabled it in whm but it will completeley shut down the option to forward email also in Cpanel. Some customers need to have emailforwarding in Cpanel.

Hope this is clear :) THANKYOU


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Sep 21, 2015
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The only way to actually disable forwarding and filtering would be to remove the user's ability to add a forwarder/filter but this would encompass all forwards. You can do this by going to WHM>>Packages>>Feature Manager -> Select the feature list assigned to the account and disable the Forwarder Manager and Email Filtering Manager.

There is no straightforward way to disable these options from the Webmail interface alone. You could disable webmail but then your email users would have to use a mail client to access their mail.
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