Disabling the antispam checking for trusted local email


Mar 26, 2007
Hello and Greetings!

I am seek to doing something rather simple with my cPanel & WHM server setup software. For the E-Mail system, I currently has SpamAssassin and some other tool installed using rvskin's antispam tutorial. It is work very well, and significantly drain down the amount of spam I have to ambush with delete button.

I do have a little problem with my email. It is issue with the Exim, and nothing to do with the anti-spam measures from rvskin or SpamAssassin. I want to disable all spam and RBL checking for connections from authenticated users and the local machine. I understand cPanel and WHM to be designed for shared reseller hosting and I can see why outgoing mail from authenticated sources will be scanned. However I use my server box with nobody else on it to run the online e-store. I have limited server knowledge but the friend told me that my customer mail list is getting clogged backed up because outgoing mail is scanned for spam which it shouldn't be.

So how do I not scan for authenticated users and mail from the machine itself? The only mail that should be inspected for spam is mail coming in to my server for a mailbox on my server when sent from a remote server.

My friend told me to look into not whitelisting but a bypass for authenticated users and "".

I really like what cPanel & WHM do for me but this issue must resolve. Please offer help to fix otherwise I have to look into Plesk or one of the others. I wish the cPanel team to add this as a checkbox feature since so many people should not be scanning sent email for spam.

My primary language is not English so try and be clear for the non-native speaker. Thank you all for your generously help.

He is well capable with servers and Linux but not cPanel. He will be helping me with this whole procedure.