disaster recovery backup


Mar 9, 2014
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Root Administrator
Hi All.
got my server how i like it so want to backup just in case.
i know how to use backup in whm and have that working fine .. its ftp'ing to me fine and dumping lots of user.tar.gz files .

what i really want though is a disaster recovery backup .
your know , the type of backup i need to restore WHM and the system how i want them with all the rules and options and iptables all set as of now.

i can see backups for users..
but where is the full system or full whm & cpanel backup

to explain in case i'm not understood.
i want backups so that in the event of either a system failure or a break in i can safely sit back, nuke the O/S .. reinstall centos. then install whm & cpanel .. and then restore a whm config files that contains everything needed.. zero to hero in 1 hour type thing lol .. i don't to fluff around having to tweak whm again for hours and hours before i can restore clients sites .. i need to fix to fix quick in the event of a critical failure..

what on top of this that would be really nice would be if i could dump the whole thing (whm/cpanel/centos) back to a local system before i nuke and restore for later evaluation of what happened.