Dec 13, 2003
Hey everyone,

I do daily backups using WHM's backup feature (to a second drive).
What I want to know is, in the case my server failed and I lost everything, could I restore *everything* from this backup that is stored on the second drive? i.e. Does it hold ALL system and WHM settings? Or accounts only? Would my DNS server be restored for example? What would be missing? What re-configuration would need to be done once I copied everything back across?



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Sep 23, 2004
Yes the backups would be sufficient to restore the box to how it was previous a crash or whatever. Get a clean install and install cpanel, then recover the backup files.

You would however from experience be better to manually restore the required files, rather than use whm, it would also be quicker too. Restoring a server with a 1000 accounts on can be a lengthy process for example.

The backups are all stored within

If /backup is your second drive mount


The files to restore (system and cpanel configs)


The directory backups, cpanel and configs, named, mysql (make sure you have selected to backup the entire mysql directory in whm to have /var/lib/mysql)and mailing lists etc


The user files are all in /backup/cpbackup/daily/

If you untar the backup per user you will find the /home/$user directory is in $user/homedir from the backup, just move $user/homedir to /home/$user and chown and chmod as necessary. Scripts can make this process a very fast way to recover and there are manyu examples, I posted a few within the forum that maybe a search would help you out.