disk exceeded limit/notification question


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Oct 16, 2001
This may be one that has been covered and I just can't find it so here goes.

When a client exceeds their disk space on a normal account will WHM send an email alerting the admin of the problem? If so is it real time or in the nightly script? I had my first client hit their limit but I only found out because of a bounced email I sent to them.



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Aug 13, 2001
This isn't setup as a notification anywhere to the server admin as far as I know....... this type of thing is easy to pinpoint via &disk usage& within the top level of WHManager-

I would search the feature request province and see if this exists yet, both for the WHM admin and each reseller underneath on the server in question. Such as the WHManager top level should have the option of getting emails sent to the server contact about end user's reaching (nearing) quota, and then reseller's should have the option of notification of the same variety as well.