Mar 10, 2019
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I recently added snapd to my server and used it to install an application. That all went perfectly and everything there is running fine.

My problem is that snapd installs the app in a mounted squashFS partition which is read-only and 100% full. Great for optimizing the install but it triggers endless Critical errors:

"The filesystem “/var/lib/snapd/snap/core/6405” mounted at “/var/lib/snapd/snap/core/6405” reached “critical” status because you currently use 100% of its available inodes."

Being full in this instance is not dangerous because you can't write to the partition. It's marked read-only. It just holds the code for the app.

What I need is some way to disable the error _without_ disabling it for the other drives and partitions. Disabling warnings here appears to be an all or nothing affair.

For future enhancement perhaps disable disk full errors on partitions marked read-only.


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Nov 14, 2017
Hi @arky

Thanks for the information and I'm sure it will help anyone who is also using this software but I should point out that this is not something that is related to cPanel and if there is an issue with a 3rd party software the best place to get information/assistance with it would be with the creator of the software.



Jan 14, 2021
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So there is no way to selectively disable drive warnings? it is indeed an "all or nothing" situation as the poster suggests? Because, I too have installed snaps on my server and would like to disable warning for certain partitions.


Oct 28, 2004
@danfbach - as Lauren mentioned, it might be best to reach out to the developers directly as this isn't software that cPanel created or distributes so we aren't going to have additional details on our end.
I completely disagree .. this is a "cPanel Monitoring alert" .. thus the ones responsible for fixing this and actually "able" to fix this is cPanel (not Snap) since Snap has no way to alter any cPanel code that actually generates these alerts.

I too am facing this same issue to which the only solution current and future relies on WHM > Server Configuration > Tweak Settings : Notifiations !!! (notice the WHM part? it most definitely does not say Snap but WHM ;-)


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Oct 19, 2014
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@nStiac - I have two thoughts on this, so I'll need some clarification on both.

The first issue is that @danfbach replied to a thread that was two years old, and hasn't posted an update since my initial post to clarify what the specific warning is he is receiving. All I had to go on from my last reply is "I too have installed snaps on my server and would like to disable warning for certain partitions" and that isn't something cPanel can help adjust. Since we aren't familiar with that software, I didn't know it has any integration with the WHM notification system.

The second issue is that even if it is integrated with the cPanel notification system, we still didn't create that tool If your settings are configured properly in WHM >> Tweak Settings, but the snaps tool isn't reading that correctly, that isn't something I'd be able to provide advice on.

Does that make more sense? I'm happy to help if you're seeing notification issues, but there isn't anything I can do on my end with the snaps side of things.