Little Dragon

Sep 1, 2006
I openned a cpanel ticket with license key activation with cpanel support and haven't had ao response in almost 2 weeks now, I was not given a ticket number, nor any confirmation email... so for the two critical problems I am posting here instead..

I've recently migrated to a new server, details:

New hardware P4 D 2.8 GHz, 2GB Ram, 500GB HD
O/S: FreeBSD 6.1 stable
new cpanel/whm license

My cpanel disk quota show up as :

Disk usage 500000000500000.00 Megabytes
SQL Disk usage 168.78 Megabytes
Disk space available -500000000499994.75 Megabytes
Bandwidth usage (current month) 320104.27 Megabytes

At first, it was showing up as zero, but I followed some of the instructions posted on this forum to prevent that, using custom kernel to enable using disk quotas.

Anyone else using a 500GB HD on a similar O/S? Why is mine messed up?


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May 23, 2003

Make sure you have quota enabled properly on the FBSD box:

- it is in a compiled Kernel as you say
- you've ran edquota -u root and quota -v
- you've added the userquota,groupquota to every partition on your drive
- you've ran /scripts/upcp --force
- you've ran /scripts/fixquotas , mkquotas , initquotas , resetquotas , chkquotas

Little Dragon

Sep 1, 2006
hicom, thanks for the response. Wow.. I ran all the commands you said to.

I don't know how to add userquota, groupquota to every partition on the drive, I may have done it already in a step I followed before, setting the custom kernel file.

These 2 commands /scripts/fixquotas and /scripts/initquotas game me the error message "illegal option --F"
The last command /scripts/chkquotas gave me "Command not found."

Dunno what needs to be restarted or anything, but so far the quota errors are the same. I'll see if it changes after I perform a full reboot.