'Disk Space Usage' Error / Need Help Getting Started


Oct 11, 2016
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Website Owner
Hi there, I have tried everything including upgrading my server twice, I keep hitting my
Disk Space Usage limit and I have no idea why! My Wordpress site is only using 30%, I have just upgraded to a private server and have no idea how to use it. It's very confusing :(

I have narrowed down that this is what is using my data, Is there a file manager or can I get into these files to clean them out? I am only used to using CPanel or FTP.. Can somebody let me know what to do please..

When I click on "Disk Usage" CPanel I am getting a 'Loading' message for hours and no new updates.. I feel like there is a bug with CPanel..

Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/ploop25429p1 89G 85G 682M 100% /
none 63G 4.0K 63G 1% /dev
none 63G 0 63G 0% /dev/shm