Disk space usage "Other usage" very large and df and du give different results


Sep 15, 2014
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Hi everybody,

I would love your help on the following issue... I am not really experienced so any help would be great.

When I go to the CPANEL disk space usage page for a certain user I see that their "Other usage" is 27 GB out of a total 46 GB used by this specific user.

When I do a "df -h" in shell I get:
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/simfs 65G 54G 12G 83% /
none 1.5G 4.0K 1.5G 1% /dev

When I do (at root) a "du -h --max-depth=1" I get a total usage of 28 G.

So it seems that this "other usage" is not kept in consideration with the "du" command, but is kept in account with the df command...

Thank you so much for any help,


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

The "df -h" command shows overall server usage, not individual account usage. The best way to determine where the "Other Usage" is coming from is to use the "find" command. EX:

id username
find / -uid UIDNUMBER > /root/username.output
Replace the first command with the actual username of the account. This will output the account's UID. You can then replace "UIDNUMBER" in the second command with the actual UID of the account. The results will be output to /root/username.output which you can view after the command finishes.

Thank you.