Disk Usage Viewer not matching cPanel main page


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Mar 6, 2003
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I find it hard to believe I am the only one who has seen this problem, but then again, I am pretty observant. :eek: :D

The biggest 'bug" in the disk usage viewer is the fact that it is entirely inaccurate when calculating disk usage.

It should be called the "disk usage estimator" because on extremely large file systems, the overhead that it is not accounting for can make it exceptionally inaccurate.

We have a user with 50,000+ files and because of the way the disk usage view calculates its findings, the users cPanel main page ("Disk space available") and disk usage viewer report two different numbers, over 100 megs off. That is a 10%+ variation in accuracy!

The guy is set for 1000 meg account so in his eyes we are cheating him a hundred megs because he cannot see exactly where is file allocation has gone.

Really, the number on the cpanel main page is the more accurate number. cPanel disk usage viewer utilizes du -b (to conserve on resources) as opposed to something like du -sh which is more accurate.

If anyone is interested in better documentation inside of the disk usage estimator" until a better more accurate solution comes to light, please vote on this bug:

I am proposing a function like the aw stats update option that users can click if they need a more accurate figure "on demand" in addition to better documentation in the panel itself.