Jul 26, 2010
Dear sir,

i had upload my index.html page at public_html with permission 0644.
but when i try to open the website, it displays the in-built home page of the domain "The domain is parked at Net4 Domains" from which i had registered my domain.

when i contact them and send an email for the same, they reply me as follows...

"This is in reference to your query, we would like to inform you that you had taken domain only package for the domain and the default page which you will get is "The domain is parked at Net4 Domains" Further if you had purchased the hosting from other service provider. We would request you to kindly contact your hosting service provider in order to upload your contents through FTP."

Now, what can i do for my home page. please suggest me.
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Jul 28, 2004
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Since you appear to have cPanel to upload your contents (which means you must have a hosting account somewhere to do that), you need to change your nameservers to point to the host where you've uploaded your contents.

It appears given you mentioned "registered your domain" that you registered it with the one company but are hosting the site at another one. To point your domain to the location of the hosted domain, you'll need to log into your domain control panel at the place where you registered it and point the nameservers to the location where you are hosting the domain.

If you aren't certain how to change the nameservers, you could contact the domain registrar again to ask them how to change the nameservers to point to your domain's location. If you aren't sure what nameservers to use, you could contact your web host and ask them that.