DKIM records when clustered servers use MyDNS


Jun 18, 2018
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When enabling DKIM for a cPanel user and a new DKIM DNS entry is created the will check if the local nameserver is set to MyDNS. If it is a 1024 bit DKIM entry will be generated. If the local nameserver is BIND for example it will use a 2048 bit DKIM entry.

If you are using BIND locally but the cluster it is syncing to is using MyDNS I see the entry being input in to the database but it seems that MyDNS is not able to properly read it or it's not working for some other reason.

Is this expected behavior? If you are using MyDNS on the clustered DNS boxes is it required to use MyDNS on local boxes as well? There seems to be no checking of the software the cluster is using so if nothing else there should at least be a separate configuration setting on DKIM key size that is generated.


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello @ELSSys,

That's correct. The 1024-bit DKIM records are only created when the local cPanel server uses MyDNS. There's no functionality in-place to detect if a remote cPanel or cPanel DNSOnly server uses MyDNS. Thus, you'd need to ensure the local cPanel server is configured to use MyDNS if any of the servers in it's DNS cluster use MyDNS so that DKIM records are setup with the correct format. I encourage you to open a feature request if you'd like to see functionality that will detect the name server type of the remote server in the cluster and warn if MyDNS is enabled (if it's not also enabled on the local cPanel server):

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Thank you.