dmarc record not recognized by online checkers?


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Sep 13, 2006
I am hosting a domain that has a DMARC record set up in the zone's DNS on my server:

_dmarc.[domain-snipped].com. 14400 IN TXT v=DMARC1;p=quarantine;sp=none;adkim=r;aspf=r;pct=100;fo=0;rf=afrf;ri=86400

But the various online "checkers" (mxtoolbox and dmarcian) say "no dmarc record published".

The domain has its "A" record pointing to my server where its site is hosted, but the owner has chosen to host their DNS externally so their MX and NS records point elsewhere.

Where does the internet (such as these testing sites) look to find the DMARC record? Is it the server where the "A" record points? Is it the server where the nameservers point? Is this the reason that my server's DMARC record isn't being recognized, because these checkers are looking somewhere else?

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