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May 27, 2003
First, we host all of our DNS separately (and it's a good thing). I was thinking about setting up our registrar entries to point to our whm/cpanel boxes to ease the DNS burden. Using nslookup on our whm/cpanel showed a HUGE problem.

our IP used to be x.y.172.123, now it is x.y.35.91, 92, and 93.

When I pull up a list of the accounts, it shows them all using x.y.35.91 (I haven't allowed use of the other two IPs). When I go edit any of the dns zone files, they all show x.y.35.91. when I do nslookup and set the server to be this whm/cpanel box, every domain comes back as x.y.172.123.

What's going on here? How do I get rid if this 172.123 address for good?

The email-related problem we've been having is sometimes when people send email to [email protected] they get a message back saying "mail could not be deliverd to [email protected]" where is the host name of our whm/cpanel box. I thought it was because we had set up our entries to resolve to a cname (which was My guess is some mail servers would see the cname entry and would change the email address to the cname host name before sending it along. Naturally the whm/cpanel box rejected it because there was no such account. Can anyone confirm this?

Thanks for any and all help