DNS and pointing a domain to different IP


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Jun 1, 2002
I have a client who hosts his domain and web site on our cpanel server. He has placed his web site on a different web server with a different IP and wants the dns to point to the site, while keeping the email function on our cpanel server.

1. The dns at the registrar points to our local cpanel server name servers.
2. Want to keep the complete function of the site (cpanel, email, etc) on our cpanel server EXCEPT that he wants to forward http requests to the NEW IP on a DIFFERENT SERVER.
3. Want the URL of the site to show up in the browser address bar, not the IP.

I tried pointing his dns A record on the server to the new IP, but the email stopped working.

I will appreciate any suggestions on how this might be possible. I don't think it is possible to point the www through the A record in DNS on the cpanel server while keeping email local, but I may be wrong.


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Aug 22, 2004
You need to do this.

Make the IN A address as the remote IP, so the webserver of the domain will be the remote IP.

To make the mailserver of the domain as your server, do the following.
Edit the MX field as follows.

mail      IN A your_server_IP
domain.com.     IN      MX      0       mail.domain.com.