DNS and Reseller Accounts PLEASE HELP!!


Feb 13, 2002
OK, I have several questions.

1.) If you are going to use a domain say xxxx.yourdomain.com as your server host name..do you have to have an account created under WHM?

2.) I registered the domain that I want to use as my server host, and I created Name Servers dns1.our-network.com and dns2.our-network.com. However, while the DNS are able to be pingd, the domain doesnt return anything from a ping. I thought it was due to no account being seyo, but setting up an account in WHM didnt work either. Here is what I have in the DNS for this domain in WHM:

our-network.com. 14400 NS dns1.our-network.com
our-network.com. 14400 NS dns2.our-network.com

dns1 14400 A
dns1 14400 A

I am not sure what is wrong with the NS and A records, but this is exactly how they are input under the DNS in WHM for this domain.

3.) Could someone verify my process for setting up reseller accounts.

-Create a new account, and set the quoata that will be used for the entire reseller account.

-Go to Reseller Center and add that domain as a reseller

-Edit the reseller account with the desired permissions, then save, go back and add any nameservers then Assign IP for name server, and Add A Entry for Nameserver.

-Change ownership of account to the reseller.

-The End-

Also, if you setup the account with the quota, and then use the quota limit under reseller center to add those same quotas, will this do anything....I guess what it boils down too is: Does the quota you give the account that you give reseller permission to act as the quota for what that reseller can use in creating accounts.

I am sorry, I am very confused on these things, and I hope that you all will be patient with me.

Thanks in Advance!!!!!