DNS / BIND intermittent problems


Aug 13, 2009
I have an offshore VPS account with WHM isntalled. I am using a company "hostineuro.com" so if more information about environment is needed, they have it listed on their site.

I am hosting 3 domains and my own namersevers.

The sites normally resolve fine, but once every 24 to 48 hours my DNS appears to break.

I fix it by restarting the server, then restarting BIND.

I can't keep having my server go down randomly. Anyone know what causes this?


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Nov 25, 2007
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When you say they're not working is bind running or crashed? If it's running but not serving data it could be a totally different issue. Also they're going to have different log info.

If you're not using the name servers for anyone's personal dns, I'd recommend taking a look at NSD, or at least updating/reinstalling bind. Bind is normally stable so if there are problems it's typically in the messages log or flushed out in strace. :D


Jun 24, 2005
I strongly recommend an expert evaluation on this one because at this point you actually have no idea if you domains or your servers have anything wrong.
Sure you "perceive" that your server or domains "are down" but in reality they may actually be working perfectly and you only think they are down because of some other factor at play here.

In example ...

Connecting to locations around the world typically involves substantially longer routing and allows for increased problems trying to reach your destination. You could have problems out on the open internet between you and your server.

You might have an issue on the server

You might have a problem with your ISP at home or even your own computer.

You could have several different kinds of cache corruption issues.

Your server provider might have some issue.

The possibilities list is really quite extensive and the above is just a few examples. Unless you are an expert and really know what you are doing, you really cannot say all you are saying.

The first question : Are your domains actually really down?

Maybe ... Maybe Not ...

The second question: If in fact they are really going down, what is
the cause and WHERE is the problem located?

Server, Provider, Internet, ISP, Home Computer, Etc?

In any case, it does not really matter the cause. I am more than qualified to help you locate the real issue at hand and either fix the issue if something on your end or help you locate who you need to talk to if it turns out to be an external issue such as your server provider or home ISP, etc.

Send me a private message if you would like a hand with that! ;)