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DNS Cluster Advice

Discussion in 'Bind/DNS/Nameserver' started by WhiteDog, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. WhiteDog

    WhiteDog Well-Known Member

    Feb 19, 2008
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    I am looking for some advice regarding DNS Clustering in cPanel.
    I currently have the following DNS Cluster setup:

    Server1 (VPS) -- WebServer1 (Dedi)
                  -- WebServer2 (Dedi)
                  -- WebServer3 (Dedi)
    All servers are configured to synchronize. This means that I have all the zones on all the servers. The domains are also configured to use all 4 servers as nameservers. This is convenient as I don't have to keep track of which webserver is actually serving which domain (nameserver wise).

    This has all been working pretty well for the last years and I don't experience any problems with this configuration.

    However soon i'll be adding another 2 servers. As I obviously don't want to configure 6 nameservers, I need to change my game plan.

    I was thinking of purchasing a low-level VPS for cPanel DNSOnly and configure the DNS Cluster as follows:
    WebServer1 (Dedi) -- Server1 (VPS)
                      -- Server2 (VPS DNSOnly)
    WebServer2 (Dedi) -- Server1 (VPS)
                      -- Server2 (VPS DNSOnly)
    WebServer3 (Dedi) -- Server1 (VPS)
                      -- Server2 (VPS DNSOnly)
    WebServer4 (Dedi) -- Server1 (VPS)
                      -- Server2 (VPS DNSOnly)
    WebServer5 (Dedi) -- Server1 (VPS)
                      -- Server2 (VPS DNSOnly)
    With WebServerX set to "Synchronize" in regard to Server1 and Server2.
    With Server1 and Server2 set to "Standalone" in regard to WebServerX.
    With Server1 and Server2 set to "Synchronize" in regard to eachother (Because Server1 contains some websites as well).

    So basically i'm going down from 4 to just 2 nameservers which I'll configure all my domains with.
    None of the domains will point directly to the server they are on.

    Is this a recommended setup or would you do this in a different way? I'm wondering what kind of setup people with 10+ cPanel servers use?
    With this setup, can I disable BIND on the WebServerX itself (or is Bind still required to do one-way syncing?

    Many thanks!
  2. hgrg

    hgrg Well-Known Member

    Oct 4, 2010
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    Root Administrator
    You need bind on your server to send notifications and stuff, but you should use acls and only allow your own servers to ask for zone info from them..
    also by default bind is configured to listen on all ips of the cpanel server which is not the best choice i guess :) so you should play around named.conf a bit on the webservers.
    Here is my basic config:

    acl "trusteds" {; //ns0.xname; //ns1.xname; //ns2.xname
    options {
    version "";
    listen-on {ip1; ip2; vpnip1;};
    allow-transfer {"none";}; */
    allow-recursion { trusteds; };
    allow-notify { trusteds; };
    allow-transfer { trusteds; };
    listen-on-v6 { none; };
    transfer-source ip1;
    notify-source ip1;

    Well I'm about to set up all the ipv6 related stuff now :) so far i've turned it off (and firewalled it)..

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