DNS Cluster howto delete account but keep zone on DNS servers


Oct 1, 2007
Ha Noi, Viet Nam
Hi everyone,

I have issue with DNS Cluster. I have 2 DNS servers and keep Standard Alone. I have over 10 shared hosting servers with Sync Changes. Some customers have same domain account on 2 or 3 servers. I have a question:
- How can i delete an account on one server with dont keep DNS Zone, but will not delete from DNS servers ? because if DNS zones removed on DNS servers, that account with active website (on other server) will lost all DNS Zones and DOWN.

I hope you can give me an advise.

Thks and Best regards,
Minh Tran


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Nov 5, 2008
Houston, Texas, U.S.A.
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delete the account checking the keep DNS box
I recommend using WHM as the safest method while ensuring to tick the "keep DNS" check-box as described by dalem. This may be accomplished via the following menu path in WHM; also included below is a link to the respective documentation article for each area:
WHM: Main >> Account Functions >> Terminate an Account

/scripts/killacct <user> no
Using SSH access is another option as indicated by vanessa; the yes "y" or no "n" is the specified value for a "killdns" option as the second argument (after the username) when using the command-line script "killacct" in the directory "/scripts/".