Dec 15, 2011
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Hello everyone,

I do realize, that this Problem has been discussed often in this forum, but for some reason I cannot find my mistake.

I want to setup my own Nameservers. I have rented 2 servers in different data centers and installed cPanel Dns Only on them. I registered and as Nameserver at my registrar. (A entries at my registrar and my nameservers all point at the same adress) I have setup the cluster this way on the main Server:


And I am not sure if this is necessary or creates a mistake but I also created cluster settings on the
Dns Only machines.





Now my actual problem, when I want to change the Nameservers from another domain to and I just get an Error saying "Error: Nameserver error. (999 Unexpected exception /Code: 319)" which doesn't help me at all. I have not found any solution for this.

The Nameservers are all correctly setup in the basic configuration section of whm and A Records are created for each one.

The only thing I have found, which seems really weird is that when I open the Nameserver IPs section a List from the Nameservers of my Registrar appears, instead of my nameservers.

Thanks in advance,
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Dec 1, 2010
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Keep in mind that the cPanel & WHM server is incapable of actually registering nameservers. This is an action that only Domain Registrars are capable of.

The locations in cPanel & WHM that mention namesevers are purely a means of telling cPanel & WHM about your nameservers that you've already setup. Actually setting up the nameservers involves registering them first and foremost at your Domain Registrar.

Your best bet is to refer to your Registrar's FAQ/Documentation or otherwise contact them to discover how you should go about registering a nameserver. Be aware that registering a nameserver is different then configuring your domain name with an already registered nameserver.

For example, GoDaddy's instructions on registering nameservers are: Registering Your Own Nameservers/Hosts - Search the Go Daddy Help Center

Once you've registered the nameserver at your registrar, and only then, the nameservers will become usable. From there, you can actually configure it on any domain you want as long as you've registered it properly at your registrar first.

The general process I recommend is as follows:

[1] Register the nameservers at your registrar

[2] Create proper 'A' records for your desired nameservers via "WHM -> Edit DNS Zone" so that they resolve to your intended IP addresses (using the same nameservers/IPs you specified in Step #1)

[3] Configure your cPanel/WHM server to make use of them via "WHM -> Basic cPanel & WHM Setup"

Based on your post, you've neglected to pursue Step #1 and so the registrar is saying that the nameserver is not registered and therefore unusable.

If problems persist at the registrar with receiving that error code from them, your best bet is to continue to speak with your registrar for further assistance on why their mechanisms for registering/setting up nameservers are not working. Registering a nameserver at a registrar does not have any reliance on cPanel/WHM itself nor require anything on the cPanel/WHM server to be setup. So, such problems with registering a nameserver would be isolated to Domain Registrar problems.