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May 14, 2003
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I'd like some clarification on how direct-link DNS clustering works, please.

I'm testing a direct link-based DNS cluster strategy.

I have three servers (all running WHM 11.38.2). One called cp, one called ns1 and the other called ns2. cp is running a full (VPS) copy of cPanel/WHM, ns1 and ns2 are running DNS ONLY. So new accounts on cp will use ns1 and ns2 for primary and secondary nameserving.

I have configured on cp a cluster that connects ns1 and ns2 as write-only. I have set the Setup Reverse Trust Relationship during the cluster set-up, yet on ns1 and ns2 shows 403 Forbidden errors despite whitelisting all servers within the appropriate firewall/IDS systems.

By way of getting around this, I've edited the relationship on ns1 and ns2 back to cp as standalone server, and no errors are being shown.

Is this the proper way of handling this?

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Apr 11, 2011
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Hello :)

The "403 Forbidden" errors are typically resolved by entering the correct remote access hash, and ensuring there are no firewall or cPhulk brute force rules that are restricting the connection. However, "Standalone" is the preferred DNS role configured on the DNS-Only servers, so there should be no issues with the DNS configuration or synchronization of zones.

Thank you.