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Jul 21, 2003

We are curious if there is a "best practice" regarding DNS clustering.
At the moment we have 5 boxes clustered, and wondering if there is a "best" way to do it.

At the moment we have two name servers where all hosted domains are pointing to. This two servers are synchronized to each other and the rest are synchronized to one of this first two.

Also always wanted to ask also about enabling nameserver on every box. As you may read at nameserver setup, it says "We recommend you do not enable the nameserver unless you are going to use it. If you wish to disable the nameserver you can always turn it off in the Service Manager". After paying attention to this, we disabled named in one of our boxes, create an account, and zone was created in the other servers, so we assumed named is not necessary if you already have other nameserves clustered.

Any advice welcome

Thanks in advance