DNS Clustering between resellers accounts. Clarification needed!


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Jan 23, 2004
Hello, please, I need some help to proceed with my DNS Clustering.
If someone can give me some directions, I will appreciate.

Well, my situation is the following:

2 RESELLERS ACCOUNTS in 2 servers -> RESELLER-1 in Server A, and RESELLER-2 in Server B.

I want use RESELLER-1 in Server A just for DNS and RESELLER-2 in Server B just for HOSTING.

I have a master domain (mydomain.com = with your own IP in Server A) and I have my two DNS "ns1.mydomain.com" and "ns2.mydomain.com" (both with your own IPs in Server A). And I need that all of my hosting customers in Server B can use "ns1.mydomain.com" and "ns2.mydomain.com".

My question is: if my RESELLER ACCOUNT (1) in Server A is configured with "mydomain.com" and "ns1.mydomain.com/ns2.mydomain.com", and if my RESELLER ACCOUNT (2) in Server B have to use my "ns1.mydomain.com/ns2.mydomain.com" in Server A, how can I should configure my RESELLER ACCOUNT (2) in Server B? This account need to have an own domain or have to use "mydomain.com" too? Or only one IP, without domain? This account need to have your own DNS, if yes, how?

Well, like you can see, I can't understand this part anyway.
I know create Resellers accounts with their own DNS servers, but I don't know how I have to setup the HOSTING RESELLER ACCOUNT (2) in this situation... I'm completely lost!