DNS clustering for two servers


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Jun 15, 2004
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Hello all-

Quick question before I setup DNS clustering:

My setup:
  • server1.mydomain.ca (ns1 and ns2) running for three years. This server obviously holds the Zone file for mydomain.ca to which I temporarily added an A entry to point on my second server's hostname server2.mydomain.ca, see below)
  • server2.mydomain.ca (ns3 and ns4): brand new server. During whm setup it created a Zone file for my hostname, i.e. server2.mydomain.ca (obviously containing nothing but ns entries for ns3 and ns4).

My question is the following:

It appears to me that in a clustering setup the Zone file for server2.mydomain.ca will be useless: Therefore, after completing my clustering setup, can I remove the Zone file for server2.mydomain.ca whereas I will manually copy server2 A records (already there) and ns3+ns4 entries (NS + A entries) into my main domain Zone file (mydomain.ca).

I thank in advance for your most valuable assistance. Any advice will be appreciated as it is hard to find complete how-tos for newbies on DNS clustering. I will assume that if my question doesn't make any sense it is because I am still a long way from understading DNS setup !