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Jul 16, 2004
I am a little bit confused with dns...

At the moment I have ns1 and in the same cpanel server. This server is based in USA.
I have a 2nd cpanel server in Europe where I want to migrate there the European customers (almost all of them). I have already moved the accounts but the dns is still from the 1st server in USA.

If I move/update the ns2 to the 2nd server and asign to it the new IP does this mean that I need to update all the a records under cpanel for each domain?

My main issue is that most of the clients own a non .com domain and that specific domain needs to be register in the registrar with the ns1 & ns2 IP's as well. That means that all my customers need to change their 2nd ns server to point to the new IP. Am I right?
If they don't change the ns2 IP what will be happen?

What is the best method to follow in order to have the above plan achieved?
I need to serve the sites faster in Europe and I noticed that there is a delay (enough to notice) at the moment as all the sites that are hosted in the 2nd server getting dns from the 1st which is in states.

Any help is much appretiate.

Also any detailed howto about clustering are more than welcome!