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Oct 18, 2006
I enabled dns clusering in cpanel for a few boxes. I some ample customers using various nameservers. I wish for them all to use ns1/ns2 instead of the others such as ns19/ns20 for example.

If I contact them and ask them to update their nameservres to ns1/ would they face downtime? Would I have
to do a mass modify of dns zones to replace say ns19/ns20 with ns1/ns2?

I have all servers on synchronize mode too

I tried one domain. shows

Error: It looks like you've stuck me in a loop!.


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Mar 3, 2006
Yes, they will face some down time during propagation. What you could do is this, have them add your name servers in their registrar, but not delete the old ones yet. After a couple days or so, send them another reminder to delete the old name server entries and you should face no interruption as long as you leave ns19/ns20 running for a couple days.