DNS looks right but not working.


Jul 5, 2004

i have a problem, i transferred a reseller off another server and recreated it. At first, the customer couldnt work out how to create nameservers off his domain registar so we used the default servers ones for now, they worked, however he then found out how to make nameservers and proceeded to do so. he made the nameservers with the ips that we had made using the manage nameserver IPs.

The DNS Zone are set to the correct ns1 IP, aswell as the correct nameserver settings,
The domain goes to the correct nameservers and IPs
The reseller nameservers are set right.
The reseller has the correct shared IP

However it says there is no website configured at this address.

The account was created about 7 days ago now, including the new nameservers.

Anyone help me out?


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Jan 10, 2004
Well, this may or may not help...

You desire to provide a reseller with "vanity" nameservers.

1. Ensure that you create A records in the resellers DNS Zone for each nameserver.

2. Ensure that your reseller creates host records with their registrar for each nameserver.

3. Ensure that the reseller's privs/nameservers in their account creation limits section of whm specifies their vanity nameservers.

I have found, that by missing one of the above, things just won't work;)
Feb 16, 2005

The issue many people have is after setup and general configuration. The you have the named, and apache running fine with no issues in the httpd.conf file but the sites configured are not showing to up. A few users the issue was that they had not let the DNS info propogate through the net.

Others like myself have the DNS info update via the web through our requestive registars, and have configure the dns information on the server properly. Configure the sites on the server with WHM and still the sites show an error of "Website Not Configured" Hence when you goto the site's qualified domain name it gives a not routed error or get the default page when you visit the IP.